Speedcubing Australia supports organisers throughout Australia to hold official World Cube Association (WCA) Speedcubing Competitions.

If you are already registered for an upcoming competition and want to make a change or have a query Click here.

Below is some information to help you learn more about our speedcubing competitions.

Upcoming Australian COMPETITIONS

Speedcubing Australia runs competitions all over Australia. Contact us if you are interested in hosting your own competition.

WCA Regulations

All competitions must follow the WCA Regulations. It is important for competitors to read these regulations before attending their first competition.

Printable Tutorial

This document will guide you through the basics of competing and judging. Reading this document can be very helpful to get a basic picture about official WCA competitions.

New Competitor Video

This video will guide you through what to expect at a speedcubing competition. Make sure you attend the new competitor tutorial at the start of the first competition day.

PAST Results

There have been over 200 competitions held in every Australian state and territory. All results are can be seen on the WCA results page.

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