Our goal is to encourage people to solve puzzles and to assist organisers with hosting WCA competitions.

About us

In 2010 we founded the RMIT Rubik's Cube Club and started hosting World Cube Association competitions. A few years later we graduated and decided to register Speecubing Australia Incorporated as an incorporated not-for-profit association through Consumer Affairs Victoria so that we could continue hosting puzzle solving competitions with our own public liability insurance. Our incorporated association number is A0061667X.

Committee members (effective 18/08/2018)

# Name Position
1 Sebastian Robbins President
2 Luke Clarke Treasurer
3 Tim McMahon Secretary
4 Andrea Javier Committee member
5 Chi Keen Low Committee member
6 David Zemdegs Committee member
8 Edward Hollingdale Committee member
9 Ethan Pride Committee member
10 Feliks Zemdegs Committee member
11 Jeff Hobbs Committee member
12 Liam Sweet Committee member
13 Lynette Svanosio Committee member
14 Nathan Seeto Committee member
15 Tim Major Committee member